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We provide dynamic cybersecurity services focusing on adapting to cyber threats, ensuring compliance, and protecting data and reputation.

data next step digital transformation service

Digital transformation

We excel in facilitating digital transformation through advanced DevOps/CICD services and cloud migration, leveraging their expertise to enhance software quality, deployment, and cloud efficiency for organizations.

data next step technology management

Technology management

An MSP provides all-inclusive tech support for businesses, offering tailored services like 24/7 helpdesk, infrastructure monitoring, and security management, ensuring efficient and secure IT operations.

data next step consultation consultant


We provide expert cybersecurity consulting, including technology strategy planning, on-demand consulting, and event-focused sessions, ensuring businesses are well-equipped to handle current and future digital security challenges.

data next step loi 25 quebec complience service

Law 25 Compliance

We provides expert Law 25 compliance services in Quebec, enhancing cybersecurity and data protection for businesses, ensuring growth and trust in the digital era.

cybersecurity data next step auditing audit analysis service

Audits and Analysis

We offer a detailed audit and analysis service in cybersecurity, focusing on comprehensive security infrastructure assessment, vulnerability scanning, and risk mitigation, tailored to the needs of business professionals.

data next step security operation center

Security Operation Center

Data Next Step's SOC service delivers 24/7 network monitoring, advanced threat detection, and efficient incident response, ensuring robust and continuous cybersecurity protection for businesses.

data next step security attack plan msp mssp service

Security Attack Plan

We excel in enhancing digital security with customized attack plans, tailored training, and continuous adaptation, ensuring businesses are proactively prepared for cybersecurity threats.

cybersecurity data next step training formation service


We offer customized courses, certification preparation, and engaging workshops to equip teams with the latest in network security, cloud computing, data analytics, AI, and more, keeping businesses at the cutting edge of technology and security.

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